Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is coming to Switch, PS4, iOS, and Android

Tomorrow, I set out in search of Myrrh!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered was announced almost two years ago and initially set to release in January. After delays, the new release date is almost here, and we couldn’t be more eager for this game to launch! There has been a lot of information released concerning this remastered edition of the classic GameCube game, and we here at iMore have everything you need to know to prepare for your adventure.

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What is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered?

Originally released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2003, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is the first of a series of action role-playing games where up to four players form a traveling caravan to explore dungeons. Although it can be played single-player, this game really shines in the multiplayer co-op. Each player can choose from one of four fantasy races, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and one of eight jobs, also with their own benefits.

Now, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has been remastered for the Nintendo Switch, the Playstation 4, iOS, and Android. Featuring 13 additional high-level dungeons, online multiplayer and cross-play, new English voiceovers, new and remastered music, and so much more, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered offers all of the fun of the original with plenty of new features. Also, there will be a free lite version of the game, which allows a paid player to invite you to join in on 13 of the original dungeons. Players who start on the Lite version can even carry their progress over should they decide to purchase the full game.

The story: Spoiler Free

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles takes place in a world that was very nearly destroyed many years ago when a massive meteor hit the planet. This meteor released a toxic Miasma that persists to this very day. Luckily for the four races of people in this world, there are shards of the Great Crystal spread across the land that force back the Miasma. These crystals need to be recharged periodically with Myrrh – a magical liquid that can purify the crystals.

Teams of adventurers form caravans that set off into the world to bring Myrhh back to their settlements. You are one such adventurer from the village of Tipa, and, along with your friends, you explore numerous dungeons in search of Myrrh as you uncover the history of your world, the meteor, the Great Crystal, and the Miasma.


Once you’ve selected your character from one of four Tribes, ten appearances, four voices, and eight jobs, you can choose to play solo or with up to three friends. Characters are tasked with protecting a caravan on missions into one of almost 30 dungeons. Using a variety of magic and physical attacks, players solve puzzles and fight monsters, all by the light of their Crystal Chalice. If successful, the players retrieve a drop of Myrrh – a magical liquid that can cleanse the shards of the Great Crystal that ward off the Miasma threatening their home town.

Incorporating a real-time battle system, players hack and slash at the various monsters they come across, but can also cast a variety of spells. Spell stones can be combined to create new magic, and players can work together to make their magic even stronger. At the end of each mission, players are rewarded with artifacts and can return to town where they can access a variety of shops based on the characters’ jobs.

What’s new in the Remastered edition?

While this is a remastered version, as opposed to a full remake, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered has so many new features, including nearly twice as many dungeons, that it feels very much like a new game. New features include:

  • Online multiplayer and cross-play: regardless of which platform you use, any four players can team up to form a caravan.
  • A free Lite version: a player with the full version of the game can invite up to three free players to explore 13 of the 14 original dungeons. Players on the lite version can also transfer their progress should they decide to purchase the full version of the game.
  • New dungeons: in addition to the original 14 dungeons, there are 13 additional high difficulty dungeons.
  • New items: recipes for brand new weapons, armor, artifacts, and other items have been added in.
  • New customizations: in addition to the original variations, there are eight new appearances for each of the four tribes.
  • The Mimic system: players can take on the appearances and abilities of various characters they meet along the way.
  • English voiceovers:
  • Remastered and new music: featuring all the original composers, the music from the original has all been remastered. Also, new songs have been added, and songs that were cut from the original game have been included.
  • New battle mechanics: while not a complete overhaul of the battle system, tweaks have been made to achieve smoother gameplay and allow for online co-op of spellcasting.
  • Visual makeover: enhanced visuals and an additional cut scene give this classic a modern feel.

When can I get it?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will see a digital release to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android on August 27, 2020. It will be available for preorder later today for the PlayStation 4. Those who pre-order for the PS4 will receive a unique static theme featuring artwork of the game’s cast of characters.

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