Tim Cook says Apple will donate to flood relief efforts in Europe

What you need to know

  • Apple will be donating to support flood relief efforts in Western Europe.
  • Germany, Belgium, and other countries in Western Europe have experienced devastating flooding in the last week.

Apple is donating to the record floods that have impacted Western Europe.

On Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company would be donating to assist with relief efforts for the countries impacted by record flooding in Europe this week. The devasting floods have impacted Germany, Belgium, and other countries in Western Europe. Hundreds have died and over a thousand people are currently reported missing.

Cook took to Twitter on Friday evening to not only express empathy to those affected by the flooding but to announce Apple would be donating to the relief effort as well.

Our hearts are with all those affected by the devastating flooding across Germany, Belgium and Western Europe. Apple will be donating to support relief efforts.

A report from Reuters early today said that over 100,000 people in Germany alone were without power earlier today.

Some 114,000 households in Germany were without power on Friday and mobile phone networks had collapsed in some flooded regions, making it hard for authorities to keep track of the number of missing.

Under Cook, Apple has been known for publicly announcing when they would be donating to relief efforts. Most notably, the company launched a major campaign to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, working with supply chain partners to manufacture masks, face shields, and more. The company also donated to countries impacted hard by the virus.