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Unvaccinated Apple employees will be required to get ‘frequent’ testing

What you need to know Apple has announced a new policy when it comes to vaccination against COVID-19. Next month, vaccinated employees in the company’s stores and offices will experience “infrequent” testing. Unvaccinated employeed, however, will need to be tested “frequently.” It’s currently unclear exactly how frequent “frequently” means. If you’re an unvaccinated Apple employee, […]

Apple launches pre-approvals for iPhone 13 on iPhone Upgrade Program

What you need to know Apple has launched its pre-approval program for the iPhone 13. The program lets you get preapproved for the iPhone 13 on the iPhone Upgrade Program. You can then speed through pre-ordering your iPhone on Friday, September 17 Same time at iPhone pre-order. Earlier today, Apple hosted its anticipated “California Streaming” […]