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Here’s the latest on the Pokémon MOBA, Pokémon UNITE

Here’s everything we know about Pokemon UNITE. The Pokémon series has enjoyed many spin-off titles in its 25 years, dabbling in a myriad of different genres. Everything from puzzle games to fighting games have received a Pokémon spin, and that trend is set to continue with Pokémon UNITE. Introduced during June 2020’s Pokémon Direct, Pokémon […]

Unvaccinated Apple employees will be required to get ‘frequent’ testing

What you need to know Apple has announced a new policy when it comes to vaccination against COVID-19. Next month, vaccinated employees in the company’s stores and offices will experience “infrequent” testing. Unvaccinated employeed, however, will need to be tested “frequently.” It’s currently unclear exactly how frequent “frequently” means. If you’re an unvaccinated Apple employee, […]